Event Design

“I play with flowers from A to Z as we play with nature”

Max Hurtaud

Luxury floral event design with love and passion

Max Hurtaud’s event floral design combines nature’s beauty with exquisite occasions, creating breathtaking masterpieces.

With a meticulous choice and care of flowers, harmonious arrangements, and attention to detail, Max transforms venues into unforgettable experiences.

From centerpieces to installations, every element is thoughtfully considered, captivating guests with elegance, fragrance, and a touch of magic.

It’s an art form that creates a transformative sensory journey, infusing events with refinement and grandeur.


Let us take you away and let you dream with our magic!

Luxury floral event design means transforming gatherings into extraordinary experiences with meticulous planning, opulent aesthetics, and unparalleled service. We don’t uncompromise quality and innovation, create unforgettable moments of grandeur and enchantment.  Let yourself be tempted by the Max Hurtaud experience.


Experience the elegance through Max Hurtaud’s exceptional luxury wedding floral designs. Each bloom is a carefully chosen brushstroke, weaving a romantic story that’s uniquely yours. Max’s signature style harmoniously blends colors, textures, and forms, creating an ambiance that leaves a lasting impression.

He’s not just a floral designer but a space transformer, whether it’s a grand ballroom, a romantic garden, or a majestic outdoor setting. Max’s designs enhance the surroundings, amplifying the natural beauty and creating an atmosphere that’s truly enchanting.

Collaborating with Max ensures a seamless journey from concept to execution. His close partnership with you and your event planners guarantees a flawless realization of your vision. 

My Promise to You

Making a commitment to you is the start of a beautiful floral journey, and following high-standard realization criteria seems obvious to me.

Wedding table design

100% You

Each request is carefully thought through to ensure that it’s as close to you as possible.
Listening and sharing is the key to exceptional floral design.



Incredible results from a world-renowned master florist. No worry, everything’s under control. From base to final detail, nothing is left to chance for you.


High Quality

The choice of top-quality vegetal is an essential part of Max Hurtaud’s standards. Beautiful flowers for a sublime event.


Colorful harmony

From shape to color, everything is designed for an unforgettable final look. Would you like bright color or lighter shades? From your culture to your taste, everything will be harmonious.

“Let’s bloom up this world together”

Max Hurtaud