About Us

Who is Max Hurtaud?

Max Hurtaud is a master florist who has loved flowers since birth.

“I want to be a florist to make bouquets for brides and for my mother!” He used to say when he was 3 and he’s never changed his mind.

He’s very enthusiastic, passionate, curious, and fun-loving! He likes to put a good mood around him and pass it on.

Focused on professional training and event decoration, no borders stop him. His knowledge and skills open new doors, new opportunities. Conferences on weddings in Sri Lanka and India, workshops in Macau, Belarus and Bolivia, publications in magazines in the United States, Taiwan, and Russia… Nothing stops him and everything pushes him to surpass himself to give the best of himself…

4 facts about Max Hurtaud

Max Hurtaud is more than just flowers, he’s also a creator of experiences where all the senses are awakened and dreams come true… His work can be defined in 4 precise points.



Passionate about his job, giving the best of himself to your service is a matter of course.



Nothing is too big to make your floral dreams come true. My aim is to do something big with a lot of detail.



When a project is launched, all the energy is focused on your application for guaranteed success.



Creation is the main part of Max Hurtaud’s work, just to keep surprising you.

Much more to know…

After his Florist master’s degree in France,working in England and Germany, he decided to move to Belgium… A good place for his career…

In 2016 and 2020, he won the bronze medal at the Belgian Florist Championship and in 2019 came 7th in the World of Floral Art international competition in Beijing, China.

In 2022, he was placed in the world’s top 35 most promising florists under the age of 35.

He loves travelling to discover different cultures. It’s his essence and his inspiration. Eclectic in his work, he tries to find new ways of creating. He doesn’t want to do the same things repeatedly, and he wants to surprise people.

Having been spotted several times for projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Japan and many other countries, Max now represents the new generation of motivated and caring florists at the age of 30. His international floral career continues to grow, and he now works all over the world.